1. 2021

    • Rhythm Game icon

      Rhythm Game

      Haven't you always wanted to learn to read music by playing a game online? I thought so.

  2. 2020

    • Practice Guide icon

      Practice Guide

      All my band students are quarantined for the spring and I can't help them practice? No problem, I'll just clone myself.

  3. 2016

    • Wheel of Scales icon

      Wheel of Scales

      Ever wanted to practice your major scales, but with a giant, spinning, sound-producing, musical-symbols-covered scale-selection wheel floating in outer space? Yeah, I thought so. Here you go. You're welcome.

  4. 2014

    • Mail Merge icon

      Mail Merge

      Pages is much more pleasant to use than Microsoft Word, but in version 5, Apple tried to make the OS X and iOS Pages...es... more compatible, and in the process removed the mail merge feature. I liked that feature. Here's an AppleScript that brings it back.

  5. 2009

    • Sober People icon

      Sober People

      It started as a Facebook fan page: "Sober people are any people who are not drunk. You should be a fan of us. Especially if you're one of us." Then came downloadable posters to try to cut down on underage drinking, but they're now pretty out-of-date.

  6. 2006

    • Counterpoint icon


      Counterpoint started as a game one boring night at SUNY Potsdam. My roommate liked musicals, so as a challenge, I opened several show tunes in QuickTime and began playing them all simultaneously. (His job was to identify all the songs playing.) The rules of Counterpoint evolved from there and eventually, this application was born.

  7. 2003

    • Aquallegro icon


      Aquallegro began as a way for me personally to learn tenor and alto clef, but quickly expanded to a large set of music-related quizzes. As I progressed through the Crane School of Music's aural skills classes, I added most of their curriculum. Aquallegro is now a relatively comprehensive introduction to aural skills, when combined with its help files.

  8. 2001

    • Example desktop (Ice Cascades)

      Desktop Pictures

      Sometimes I make desktop pictures. Sometimes they're not so good. I put them online anyway. People seem to like them. Some of them are somewhat good. Those are listed first. The end.

    • Example music album art (Distant Lands)


      I've been writing for a very long time; the question is just at what point you begin considering it "music". For example, my first masterpiece, "Lookin' at the trees", a charming ditty I wrote in the car at some very young age, is not here. But some of my later works are.

  9. 1987

    • Plaxo logo


      The tagline says it all: "Musically-inclined mathematics-loving liberal agnostic idealist, stir-fried with a large side dish of computers." This is my Facebook page, in case you want to contact me and you don't feel like email.

    • Andy Van Ness

      My Taste

      I spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not things are "good". I like to separate the concepts of "I like this" and "this is good", believing the former to be a subjective opinion, but using an artistic, objective definition for the latter. Here you can find things that fall into both categories: good things I like.